Where am I going to ski this year?

Where to go ???

I have just finished the 2004-2005 ski season. Now is the time to figure out where I was going to ski in 2005-2006 season.

Mammoth Mountain

Naturally there will be several Mammoth trips. I usually try to go on 3-4 tripsas long as finances hold up. It has become harder each year as the prices tend to increase mainly because of the rise in cost of transportation due to the gas prices. I try to get at least one or two trips in at Mammoth to get my legs back in shape. That first trip is a killer. After the second trip it is a piece of cake and I am usually in good shape to try any part of the mountain.

I got an email off to Jack Anderson to see where he was sponsoring a trip next winter. Surprisingly he replied very quickly that he was planning a trip to Cortina, Italy in January 2006. He mentioned that this was his 4th trip to Cortina in the 28 years that he has been sponsoring European trips. He didn’t have any details such as actual dates and cost but would follow up with that soon.

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