No Trip for me in 2004

I wasn’t able to go on any major ski trip in 2004 since I had just begun a new job at Lowe’s in June and was not eligible for vaction until one year. WHAT A BUMMER !!!! Anyway I started checking for good trips in April, 2005.

I wanted to get the best available trip and had an inclination to go to Europe. My last major trip was in Teluride, Colorado and really enjoyed that even though my roommate Randy Albrecht turned up sick at the last minute ans was unable to go on the trip.


I had previously skied in Davos, Switzerland several years ago and had an urge to go back to Europe. The skiing was wonderful, the people were very friendly and the food was fantastic.

I wroke Jack Anderson who runs European trips annually. I have spoken with many Balboa Ski and Sports Club Members who have gone on his trips. Everyone I talked with had nothing but praise for them. I was ready. He wrote back and told me that they were going to Cortin, Italy, which is in the Dolomites in northern Italy.


Since 1998 I have always roomed with Randy Albrecht. I met him when we were put together as roommates on the Alyeska, Alaska ski trip. Randy is a better skier then myself, but we have similar interests and both of us enjoy eating great foods. We have been going on major trips since then. He puts up with my BS as much as I put up with his.

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