Pre-trip Party

Attended a pre-trip party at the El Torrito Grill in Irvine. I finally met Jack Anderson who is the leader of the trip. Prior to that I had spoken with him several times regarding the trip. This is his 4th trip to Cortina. He brought with him several photo albums of previous trips he has taken.

One of the albums was his last trip to Cortina and the other album was last year’s trip to Morrzine, France. He also brought a beautiful book of Cortina. What a place !!! It looks absolutely beautiful. It will be a fantastic trip.

I also got to meet some of the people that will be going on the trip. They were all very friendly and very talkative. Everyone there was very excited about the trip. Jack discussed several of the side trips that could be made from Cortina. He also discussed what to expect in the town, skiing, restaurants, shops, etc. etc. etc..

Jack also discussed both the pre-tip extension to Florence and the post-trip extension to Venice. Randy and I had already decided to forego the Florence trip and to go on the Venice trip instead. He had been there previously and wanted to return and I felt it was a great way to wrap-up a fabulous ski trip.

We will travel from Cortina to Venice by bus. There we will stay three additional nights. It should be a blast and I really can’t wait.

The party was fun and exciting to hear about all that is in store for us come January. Everyone was pumped up. I met the trip leader and many wonderful people. This trip will be a BLAST !!!

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