Final Payment

I just sent in the final payment for the trip. WHEW!!!! It is always such a relief to get that done and out of the way. After all coming up with the money for the trip is always the most difficult part of the trip.

On top of the advertised price for the trip there was a $175 airline departure tax included. Then on the last invoice there was an additional $80 airline fuel surcharge. I guess this is because the cost of fuel has risen through the roof. I wonder if the fuel prices go down if they refund this fuel surcharge. NOT HARDLY !!!

Anyway the trip is paid for. Now I just have to save up for items such as shuttle fees to and from airport, transfer fee from Venice hotel to airport, ski lift tickets, dinners for 10 days, etc., etc., etc.. However I have a couple of months to save up for that. At least the biggest expense is out of the way.

Now I can concentrate on looking forward to the trip and planning our itinerary.

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