Day Two – Sunday – Checking out Cortina

Sunday January 22, 2006

Didn’t get out of bed until 10:00. WOW !! I was really tired after all of the traveling the day before. Missed breakfast so decided to go down to the Corsa Italia to find a coffee shop and grab a cup of coffee and light breakfast. That is when the fun began. We found a neat little coffee shop and I ordered a cup of coffee. They brought me a cup of expresso in a cup so small I could hardly pick it up by the handle. On top of that the cup was less then half full. This stuff was like drinking mud it was so strong. Fortunately I like strong coffee so eventually got used to it. That was my first experience with coffee in Cortina. It got a little better but not much as the week progressed. More to follow about ordering coffee.

This is a picture of the bell tower on the Corsa Italia, The Corsa Italia is a cobblestone walkway through the middle of Cortina. It has shops and restaurants on either side. There are no vehicles allowed on this walkway. It is the main point to congregate in Cortina. Much of our time was spent here.

Yours truly posing next to the statue of Angelo Dibona. This was right below the bell tower. Not sure who he is or what he did but it must have been something very imortant to the history of Cortina.

Randy and I decided to look for the skating rink where many of the 1956 Olympics were held. This was on the way and shows a beautiful scene of the mountains. The weather was perfect most of the week until Thursday when it started snowing.

On the way to the skating rink we discovered one of the gondolas, which carries skiers up the mountain. It goes through some very steep terrain as we discovered later when we went skiing. The view up top is fabulous.

This picture was taken from the base of the gondola to an old bridge. I am standing in the middle of the bridge. Not sure how long ago this bridge was erected but it had to be many centuries ago.

A great shot of Randy and the mountain. This was taken between the gondola and the bridge. It looks like Randy has already been shopping. He bought some beautiful Italian shoes on the Corsa Italia.

We finally found the skating rink. It looks like Randy is practicing his new triple sow cow flip in the parking lot. Not so sure he would win a gold medal but he seems to think so.

These were ice sculptures that were carved for the 2006 Torino Olympics. They also carved identical ice sculptures on the Corsa Italia near the clock tower.

This is the Olmpic monument erected outside of the skating rink. Cortina hosted the 1956 Olympics and this year marks the 50th Anniversary.

We were able to go into the skating rink where many people were enjoying ice skating. Just imagine that 50 years ago people were watching the Winter Olympics featuring figure skating, racing and hockey games in this same rink. How exciting !!

This is a view of the skating rink from outside. During the 1956 Olympics the rink did not have a roof on it. It was completely open. The roof was not added until much later.

Randy holding the torch from the original 1956 Winter Olmpics held in Cortina 50 years ago. That must have been quite a site back then. I was only 12 at the time and don’t really remember anything about it. Of course they didn’t have television coverage of the Olympics as they do now.

This was a great day. We didn’t do any skiing since we were still a bit tired from the travel. We will get in a full day of skiing tomorrow.
After visiting the ice rink we went and had pizza and beer. The pizza in Italy is really delicious. They don’t have all the toppings we are used to and make it with a very thin crust. It was delicious.

To see pics in full view click on slideshow after clicking here

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