Day Three – Monday – Ski Day

Monday January 23, 2006

Finally a ski day. It was a beautiful outside although the temperature is around -5 C (22 F). We had to go a few blocks to rent equipment as we did not bring anything but our boots. We both rented skis and poles.

The sky was very clear. This is a beautiful picture, going up the gondola, leaving Cortina in the distance. The last 1/4th of the gondola ride was almost straight up or at least that is the way it appeared. What a gorgeous view!!!

Once on the top we skied down to a lower elevation and got on a lift taking us back up. The runs were very long but rather flat. It was fun and I got my ski legs rather quickly. Then we started to race down some of those runs. We noticed a lift that was taking a lot of skiers down the mountain. We inquired and found out that it goes to another ski area across the road. We took the lift down, crossed the road and got on another lift going up the other side of the mountain. This is a picture going up on that lift.

Here is the mid chalet. Since it was Monday none of the lift lines were busy and we got back on the lift as soon as we skied down the mountain. It was a blast !!!!!

We then skied down into another area and played around in this area for a couple of runs. Then we noticed one last lift that would take us almost to the top of the mountain. With more snow I am sure it would drop you off at the top. But today it only went up about 3/4 and let everyone off at a nice spot. I took many pictures and even some videos from this spot. Skiing down from here was much steeper and very easy to pick up speed. The course was really wide so we could really let the skis run.

This was one of the views at the top. Notice how the lift lets you off before it reaches the top. I have never seen that done before. Randy is at the edge rarin’ to go.

This is another view at the top looking down the course. A beautiful view of the mountains as well.

I was able to get this from about 3/4 of the way up the mountain.  This was as far as the lift would go since it was so rocky at the top.

I managed to get a great video over my finger in this one.  However it does show the trail leading down the mountain.

Another goof with the video.

Some day I will get this right.

The following are pictures of Randy at the bottom of a long run and me in the lift line. Their lift lines were all automated so that it would read your lift ticket through your clothing and open a gate for you to pass through. This cut down the amount of personnel required at each lift to keep it moving smoothly.

Under one of the lifts there was ladders going up the mountain. These were used by mountain climbers to reach the top. Pretty neat. I have seen movies of ladders such as this in Mt Everest movies but never witnessed them myself.

Randy and I stopped at the mid chalet for some needed refreshment. We never stop for lunch but ski through lunch and then usually quit about 2:30 to 3:00.

A view out the window of the mid chalet.

A great view of yours truly at the mid chalet.

I took this video out the window of the mid chalet.  What a spectacular view.

Randy getting his equipment back on after stopping at the mid chalet. I was getting my equipment on as well but had all kinds of trouble putting on one ski. A pin had fallen out of the binding, which enabled you to snap on the ski. Without that pin I was dead meat and couldn’t get my ski on. It must have been that hard skiing all day that broke the ski. HA!! HA!! Randy had already started down the run and I lost site of him. I waited up at the top for a long time thinking he might come up. But he probably thought I was taking pictures and had stopped for a moment.

Anyway I was forced to come down the mountain on the lift. The lift operator kept pointing to my skis trying to tell me to put them on. I kept telling him I couldn’t because it was broken. Naturally I couldn’t understand Italian and I don’t think he could understand English. He finally understood and I got on the lift and he put my skis on the next lift. How embarrassing though. Then when I got to the bottom I found Randy waiting.

My ski day was over and we decided to take the bus back to Cortina. The next bus was over an hour away so went into the lodge and I had a beer and Randy had a coffee.

The bus arrived but there were a lot of skiers that had the same idea as us about quitting for the day and going back to Cortina. The bus doors opened up and it was a mad stampede. These are a few pictures taken on the bus while riding back. It was a long ride and we didn’t have a seat. What a mess!!!!!

After getting off the bus we had to walk through town in our ski boots carrying the ski equipment. Not fun at all!!! I took the broken ski back to the shop where we had rented it and told them I was not too happy with their equipment. I asked them for reimbursement for not being able to ski all day and he told me I would have to check with the boss. Since there were only two of them I assumed the other guy was the boss. When I asked him, he said I would have to check with the other guy. Finally I told them I was with a ski group and if I didn’t receive some type of reimbursement I would tell everyone in the group.

That got their attention and he gave me 10 Euros. I also got a new set of skis. What a bummer!!!

After that we were so exhausted, walking in our boots all over town, that we went back to the hotel and crashed. However we did wake up in time to go down and have a pizza and beer.

All in all it was a great day. We skied a lot of nice spots and took a lot of great pictures.

To see pics in full view click on slideshow after clicking here

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