Day 8 – Saturday – Venice Arrival

Saturday January 28, 2006

Today we leave Cotrina via bus and head to Venice where we will stay for three nights. A few pictures out our hotel window before leaving Cortina and heading to Venice.

This picture was taken out the bus window of the ski jump used in the 1956 Winter Olympics.

Here we are in Venice in St Mark’s Square getting directions to our hotel.

Once we got settled in we walked around St. Mark’s Square. This first picture is of the Basilica of St Mark. The next picture shows all of the pigeons in the square.

The next two pictures were taken from the balcony of the Basilica showing the pigeons in the square.

Here we have pictures of Randy and myself under the famous horses on the balcony of the basilica. The original horses, which we saw inside the Basilica were brought from Constantinople in 1204. Talk about OLD stuff!!!

More views taken from the Basilica balcony. Unfortunately I couldn’t taken any pictures inside the Basilica. All I can say is that it is very beautiful with many paintings throughout.

A view of the Basilica at night.

Our room in the Hotel Cavalletto was quite small. However it had this stairway that led only to a window. Almost like the Windchester Castle in California. SPOOOOOKY!!!!!

It was a long ride by bus to get to the Venice airport where we took a waterbus to get to St. Mark’s Square. Our hotel was right on the square which made it very convenient for siteseeing. Carrying the luggage from the waterbus to the hotel wasn’t too bad as I only had two bags and they were on wheels. I’m glad I didn’t hassle bringing my own skis as it would have been a real chore carrying them. I am glad to get settled in and expect to see a great deal of the city in the next couple of days.

To see pics in full screen view click on slideshow after clicking here

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