Eric at Legoland

In June, 2006 Eric Reese came out to California to vist his relatives.  On 6/26/2009 Bev and I (grandpa) took him down to Legoland in Escondido.  None of us had every been there before so it was a new experience .  Needless to say we had a great time.

eric and grandpa

Her we are on the roller coaster. Whoa Nelly !!!!!

roller coaster

roller coaster

The peddle cars are really fun and go everywhere.

peddle cars

Hi Eric !!  Here he is on the train.

eric entering jungle

Blasting away with the powerful water guns.

water gun

Sliding down from the fort.

the slide

Bev and Eric locked up at the castle lock-up.

locked up

Aha, a medieval swordsman.

medieval swordsman

A castle made entirely out of legos.

lego castle

Manhattan skyline  made with legos.  What a project.

manhatten skyline



statue of liberty



The Guggenheim Museum.


The Erie Canal.erie canal

This car was actual size and made entirely of legos.  Pretty neat.

full size car

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