Danielle Wells Hill – Graduation Day 2006

This day is the culmination  of 4 years of hard work and a lot of  studying.  Dani you rock girl!!  Congratulations on your achievement.  Everyone is very proud of you.

Before the ceremony Bev is reserving seats for everyone so they can get the best view of her daughter’s ceremony.

Mom reserving seats

This is a view of the stage prior to the beginning of the graduation ceremony.

graduation stage

All the family awaiting the big ceremony.


The campus big wigs and professors.

campus big shots

The main speaker addressing the graduates on achieving their goals.

main speaker

main speaker

Dani and other grads walking to the stage to accept their diplomas.

dani walking to stage

you rock girl

you rock girl

Dani accepting her diploma.  What a big time in her life.

after the ceremony

The proud graduate after the ceremony greeting family.

A proud father presenting his newly graduated daughter with a dozen red roses.

proud dad presenting roses

Family congratulating Dani on her accomplishment.  Everyone is so proud of all that she has done.

Aunt sue





uncle chuck

aunt chris


mom and dad


Everyone gathered outside awaiting the graduates.

awaiting graduates

The proud Mom and Dad and exited graduate.

graduate and parents

Now everyone proceeded to the restaurant to eat, drink and celebrate the occasion.

at the restaurant

m & d

We had three tables and it looks like everyone is having a good time.

one table

table one

table two

table two

table three

table three

table three

Our chef preparing our wonderful meals.


erupting volcano

This is a super group picture of Danis’ big day.

what a crew

Now we have moved to a hotel to just gather around and share the moment and present graduation gifts to Dani.

the gang

the gang

dani opening gifts

opening gifts

opening gifts

Danielle Wells Hill – Graduation Day 2006

big day

This was a very important day for Dani.  The whole family turned out and everyone was very proud of her accomplishment.  Way to go girl!!!!!

To see all the pics in full screen view click on slideshow after clicking here

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