Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008

It was another wonderful Christmas at Bev
& Bob’s house. Everyone gathered about 3:00 and we started with some great hordevoures and drinks. Everyone was there enjoying themselves, talking up a storm as is usual for all are family gatherings.

Bev & Bob were very gracious hosts and saw that we always had something to eat or drink.

The menu was made up of:

Shrimp dip with crackers

Main Menu:
Honey-Baked Ham
Scalloped Potatoes
Baby Brussel Sprouts
Gulliver’s cream Corn
Home-made Sausage Bread

Pecan or Apple pie al la mode

After dinner we started our ritual of tearing into the Christmas packages.


Mom received a beautiful picture of her grand kids, which she loved.


Dad got some new shoes that he really needed.



Then everyone sat around and shot the bull.


I also took some movies of the days events. All you have to do to see these is make sure your speakers are turned up and click on the arrow at the bottom of each picture. The first one is Mom opening her gift.

Where is Landow? That bad boy just disappeared on me. Anybody know where he went?

Christopher and the dogs, Bob trying to hide and Dani haming it up.

Everyone glued on Christopher and Jonathan opening the gifts.

Chloe tearing into her gifts. She was so cute.

It was a great Christmas and one that our family should surely remember.


To see all the pics in full screen click on slideshow after clicking here.

1 thought on “Christmas 2008

  1. Joim- Your photo shoot of last Christmas was really nice!! We definitely will hire you for our future photo shoots. Bev

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