Bev’s Birthday

Today was Bev’s birthday.  I called her and we got together for lunch at a nice restaurant in Laguna Beach overlooking the ocean.

bev's birthday

The birthday girl herself.

bev's birthday

After lunch we were driving back to her home when we noticed a group of people with there dogs all gathered in the park.  We went and got Lando and took him over to meet up with his friends.  Did her ever have a blast.  He was running around like crazy and having a fun.

lando at park

lando running

Then a lady was pouring water for the dogs and of course Lando had to be there as he goes crazy with water.

lady pouring water

Medival Times 016

Here Lando is getting acquainted with one of his larger friends.

lando and friend

Lando loves to run and he is really having a good time.

dogs in the park

Later that evening Dani and Linda and Bob all got together and went out to dinner to celebrate Bev’s birthday.  It was a fun time and topped off a great day.

happy birthday bev

Happy Birthday Bev !!  Hope you had a fun day.

View all the pics in full screen by clicking on slideshow after clicking  here

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