Mom’s Senior Dance

Mom and all her friends at Grannies House got together today and had their 1st annual “Senior Dance”.  All her friends and family were invited and did we ever have a wonderful time.

While everyone was getting acquainted we were entertained with music furnished by the “Tremblin Chorus”.  They were a lively group made up of Parkinson’s patients and their wives or husbands.  They sang a variety of songs including oldies but goodies.

tremblin chorus

introductory speaker

ron simpson

more tremblin chorus

Everyone was really fed well.  This is a picture of our lunch.   Mmmm, very delicious.


Mom looked really beautiful all dressed in her Hawaiian clothes, lea and flower in her hair.  Her hair was all made up for the occasion.  She was really pleased to see both Bev and I.


I caught Mom’s friends Cora and Frieda eating their meals.  Eat up girls !!  They looked like they were really enjoying it.

Cara and Kora

Her other friend Maxine was sitting next to Bev.  They were having a great conversation. We had a fun table.

maxine and bev

Here we have Maxine and Ron shaking a leg on the dance floor.

maxine and ron

maxine and ron

Then Bev got up and danced with Mom.  They were really having a great time on the dance floor.  Mom sure looked great in her Hawaiian garb.

mom and bev dancing

There’s Mom and Bev and Brenda and Cora.  Cora used to be a professional dancer.





Then I decided to try my hand on the dance floor (after much coaxing by Bev).  Once I got out there it wasn’t so bad after all.


This is a nice picture of Mom’s friend Frieda.  She is always very inquisitive about us kids.


Finally a group picture of Mom with Bev and myself.  It was really a wonderful day and we were glad we could participate in their 1st Annual Senior Dance.

jimmie, mom & bev

We are looking forward to the 2nd Annual Senior Dance and all the great food, entertainment and dacing as well as the great conversations.

To see all of the pics in full screen click on slideshow after clicking here.

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