Dad Celebrates 90th year !!!

It was Dad’s 90th birthday on Tuesday and since I was working that night I called Bev and asked her if they would like to get together to celebrate his birthday at the last minute on Sunday.  Chris and Chuck were busy up at Ryan’s new home in Lancaster helping him move in so it was just Bev, Bob, Dani, Mom, Dad and myself.  Here is a picture of the cake I got for him.  Bev supplied the candles.


Dani lit the candles and brought it into Grandpa.  It was really nice she could make it at the last minute but she didn’t want to miss the celebration.



Everyone clapped at his achievement of making 90 years.  That is a long time and he has seen many things happen in his lifetime.  Dad then blew out the candles.


Bev was busy preparing a super meal that everyone really enjoyed.


A “small” glass of water for Dad and a glass of wine for Bev.


Then he opened presents.  He received several nice books to keep him busy.






Everyone had a nice time.  Happy 90th Birthday Dad !!!

*To view all pics in full screen just click on slideshow after clicking here.

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