Grannies Place – Thanksgiving 2009

This was our 2nd Grannies Place Thanksgiving we attended.  They really go all out to provide a wonderful Thanksgiving feast.  No one goes away hungry.  Mom was all spruced up and looked beautiful as always.  Everyone made comments on how nice she looked.  Chris, Chuck, Bev and myself all attended and enjoyed everything.

Here is a pic of Chris and Chuck with Ron and Robin’s son and Nell in the background.  All the caregivers were there helping out.  The church had many volunteers who helped cook and serve the meal.

After the meal they had a slide presentation showing great pictures of everyone who lives at Grannies Place.  They had many pictures of Mom taking part in many of the fun activities they offer.  It was really fun watching her.  Unfortunately my camera didn’t pick up the slide show very good.

Chris and Bev leaving the church.  Chris and Chuck had to return to work.  I had the day off so we took Mom back to see Dad.

Here is the chauffeur ready to go.

Here is Mom ready to go see Dad.

We all had a wonderful time and certainly had a great meal and super entertainment.  Grannies Place did a great job.

*To view all pics in full screen just click on slideshow after clicking here.

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