Bottoms-up Lowe’s fellow employees

I wanted to thank all those in the Appliance and Kitchen Cabinet departments that contributed to my retirement gift.  I didn’t want to open them until I reached a memorable spot.  Thank you Alicia, Ryan, Jennifer, Teressa for the great wine.

The wine was delicious.  I still have the 2 other bottles left that I will enjoy at a later time.  I hope every one is doing well.  All I can say is that retirement is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks !!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Bottoms-up Lowe’s fellow employees

  1. this is a GREAT picture!! you look great Joim, but not as great as that wine does while i’m here working…lol!! im glad youre loving retirement and i hope it only gets better!!

  2. Once July of 2017 rolls around it will have been 7 years since you began your journey. Yes..yes…I just commented but I couldnt help but reflect on how time flys and how interesting it was to see the freedom in your eyes and glass. So, I will continue to read these posts to see where your journey goes but it looks like it is a great start.


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