Off on a hike

I am not able to sleep in much surprisingly so at 6 in the morning I took these pics from inside my RV.

On Sunday, my last day in this campground I decided to go on a longer hike.  It was only about 2 miles, but got down to the creek in several different places.

This is a bridge constructed so dirk bikers and hikers can cross Fish Creek.  It was mostly dirt bike trails though.

Here I am cooling my feet off.  The water was cold but felt so good.

I had to dump my takes, get more water and gas so I decided to head down to Kernville.  It is a very popular spot along the Kern River with lots of kayaks and big inflatable rafts.  I decided to stay 2 days to get caught up on things such as this blog, laundry and groceries.  Tomorrow I will head on up to the Giant Sequoias.  It will take several hours just getting there as it is a huge climb to 8,000 feet.  I plan on spending from 1-2 weeks both in the giant Sequoia area and then on to Kings Canyon.  I am very excited as it will be a first for me for both areas.  I won’t be able to update this blog until I get out of the mountains since there is no cell phone service available.  See you later.

3 thoughts on “Off on a hike

  1. kern?! my friend at work just got back from a white water rafting trip there! she said it was gorgeous and hot so i hope you had a nice cool time and your new adventure is going well!

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