Camp Nelson

I started out again to head back up into the Sequoias but before I did I took a picture of the Kern River.  It is a very popular spot and very crowded.

I wasn’t sure where I was going to camp that night.  I was just going to drive and see what was available and if it was level as well.  The first one I checked out was in the Giant Sequoia National Park right across from the “Trail of 100 Giants”  hiking trail.  It turned out to be a zoo with nothing available.  Driving further I found this campground but as you can see it was real primitive.  I got so far back into it I literally had to get out and walk to figure out how to get out of it without backing up the entire distance.

Everywhere you look you see fabulous scenery.  It is impossible to describe.

Finally I stop at a place called Camp Nelson.  It turned out to be a really good choice for me.  I found Camp Nelson RV Park which was located in a rather large meadow with a pond.  On top of that it had full hookups.  I signed up for 2 nights and would have stayed longer but they didn’t offer any discount for staying a week.

Camp Nelson was founded in the late 1800’s and there were numerous cabins all throughout the area.  There was also a big camp up there as well with lots of teenagers.  It also had the general store, tavern (which I didn’t check out) and a small restaurant.

It was a great place to stay.  All the people were very friendly and the hookups were also nice because it was very hot.

2 thoughts on “Camp Nelson

  1. Wow, you are magnificent with your blog. I am very impressed, but why should I be? You have always been very good with gadgets. Gorgeous! Keep it coming.

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