Trail of 100 Giants

While still camped at Coy Flat I took a day to check out the “Trail of 100 Giants”.  What a fabulous place.  It is a grove of 100 giant Sequoia trees.  It is amazing that trees can grow to such enormous sizes.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

This is one that was toppled over.  It shows the root systems of the trees.  The roots are very shallow.  You would think that trees of this size would have a very deep root system.

This is the great full-timer himself.  I look pretty small compared to that tree.

While walking through the trees I met Rich and Alison who graduated from college in June.  They both decided to give each other a gift of seeing the country.  They had been on the road for some time and had traveled across the northern US and then were headed to Los Angeles (poor things) and then traveling the southern root back to Pennsylvania where they started.  What a magnificent graduation gift.

It was a really nice day and since it was during midweek I didn’t have the crowds to contend with.

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