Where are California lawmakers?

After being up in the mountains for over 3 weeks and completely out of contact with the outside world, I decided to be on the move once again.  I drove up to Sacramento, CA.  I wanted to see who these guys and gals were that made our laws and spent ALL of our money.  I wanted to ask them why my CA taxes keep going up every year.

I camped at Cal Expo on the state fairgrounds where I had full hookups.  I really needed it since it was so damn hot up here.  I decided to leave the rig parked and not worry about driving the Sacramento streets, so I took the bus wherever I wanted to go.

My first trip was to the state capital.  Before getting on one of the buses, I asked a lady where do I get off to see the capital.  Her reply was “What capital”?  Then when the capital came into view she yelled at me to get off at the next stop. DUH !!!!!   That is where she also got off.  I don’t get it.

Anyway I went into the capital building and immediately signed up for a tour.  Great, I will be able to see those schmucks that keep raising my taxes.  One of the first stops on the tour was the state assembly.  What !!!  Nobody at work.  They had gone home for the day.  Probably already spent their quota in dollars for that day.

Well at least the senators will be in session I thought.  WRONG !!!!  They were gone also.  No one around to discuss my annual state tax increase except for the mirror in my RV.

This is the state seal.  Cool eh!!!

I wanted to show the tile on the floor.  It was originally part of the capital built in the 1800’s.  When they renovated the capital in the early 1900’s they had to pick up each piece of tile and categorize it and then later install it piece by piece.  They should have just called Lowe’s and they could have installed it for $139 for the whole capital.

This is looking up at the rotunda.  It is very impressive.

Here we have the Governor’s office back in 1906.  I could just see Arnold working behind this puny little desk.

Another picture showing the entrance to the capital.

While walking to the bus stop I took this picture of a house.  There are many homes like this throughout Sacramento.

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