Still in Sacramento

I decide to spend a week here in Sacramento so I could see lots of sights and also to get stocked up for moving further north.  They have all the big stores here.  I met my neighbors and they were very friendly.  They were vendors at the State Fair which took place about 2 weeks prior.  Before they left they invited me to come down to there home if I was ever in Yuma, AZ.  You always meet really good people on the road.

Then I set out to see the sights.  My first stop was Sutter’s Fort. This fort was right smack in the middle of midtown Sacramento, surrounded by homes.  Sutter was one of the original settler’s to migrate to Sacramento.

He built this fort to protect the settler’s from the Indians.

This is where they did all there cooking.  The oven is the round item on the left.  What no microwave !!!

I met this guy while he was busy cooking for the entire crew that works at Sutter’s Fort.  His name was Mark and a very interesting fellow.  It really smelled very good.  All the cooking he did was utilizing the various cookware that they originally used at the fort.  He cooked everything in the large fireplace.

Fire in the hole!!!!!  That’s what everybody yelled when this guy shot off one of the antique rifles.  He could only fire one shot before having to reload again.  Good thing he wasn’t shooting at a bear.

Head em up and move em out !!!  All the saddles were kept in a separate room in the fort.

This is the arsenal where all the rifles and ammunition were stored.  There were many other rooms as well throughout the fort but I didn’t include everything here.

This was a storage area where they kept all their different types of supplies such as pots, pans, blankets, etc.

After touring Sutter’s Fort I walked about 50 feet to the California State Indian Museum.  It was a really neat place that showed the history of the Indians all throughout the ages up to the present.  Unfortunately you were not able to take any photos inside the museum.  They did have a display of 10 objects and if you could guess what they were they would give you an authentic Indian arrowhead.  Naturally that got my curiosity going and I just had to figure out what these items were.  After going through the museum (which was rather small) about 5 times I guessed the items and won the arrowhead.

The next day I spent going to Old Town Sacramento.  It was the weekend and not all the buses were running, so I did a lot of walking.  Here we have the taxis that were used in the Old Town area.  Unfortunately they also let cars into the area.  I think it would be more authentic without the cars.  Old Town was a collection of old buildings that made up early Sacramento, but they were all touristy type stuff in them to sell.  I was a little disappointed.

One thing that was neat in the Old Town area was the people that were dressed in the original costumes of the period.  Here we have two Union soldiers (CA was in the Union during the Civil War) and a fair maiden.  Easy guys !!!

Before I left Sacramento I had to see where Arnold lived.  I bought my daily bus pass (for $3 you could ride all day) and headed to the Governor’s Mansion.  Unfortunately I got there too late to take a tour, but just thought Arnold might be hanging out in his yard doing push-ups or something.  Maybe I could talk to him about my increased income tax.  HA!  HA!  Anyway I didn’t see anybody but after gawking for a while I got the attention of a police officer on a bike who just asked how I was doing.  I didn’t think it would be too wise to discuss my taxes with him so just took this picture and moved on.

I did enjoy my stay in Sacramento.  There is much to see and do, but I didn’t really even touch the surface.  I also met new friends got stocked up as well and was ready to move on.

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