Eagle Lake

After Sacramento I decided to check out Eagle Lake.  I had not heard of this place but it sounded good and wasn’t too far to drive.  Plus they offered a Passport America discount.  This is one of the discount services I joined prior to leaving.  It only cost $44 to join and they send you a book showing all the campgrounds in their system that offer discounts.  Most campgrounds offer the discount from 1-4 days.  Eagle Lake only gave 1 day discount.  Since starting my journey I have more then paid for the original expense of joining.

This next pic was taken prior to reaching Eagle Lake.  The creek is called Deer Creek and was very beautiful.

I have taken a short video of Eagle Lake.  Just click on the arrow.

This is my campsite at Eagle Lake.  I had full hookups and a great view of the lake.  Eagle Lake is the 2nd largest natural lake in California.  It was really big.  There were a lot of campers and fishermen as well.  I saw a lot of boats.

My RV gets a name. I have named her “The Breeze” after the Lynyrd Skynyrd song. “The Breeze”

I had several people come up to me saying I look pretty good for my age.  I thought “Wow what a wonderful thing to say to me !”  Then I realized they were talking about my rig.  Oh well!!  I have gotten numerous compliments about my rig since I started on this journey.  I am very proud of it.

Here we have a view of the lake from my campsite.  I know you can’t really see it that well but it was a few hundred yards away.

I took a walk down to the lake and this will show how far the water has gone down in the lake.  This was a dock going out to the water at one time.  CA is definitely in a drought.

One day while reading a good book and enjoying my adult beverage and a few peanuts as well this little guy decides to check out what I am eating.  He actually jumped up on my shoe.  I was able to catch him in the act of begging for a bite to eat.  It is not a good thing to feed any of the animals that come near your site.  They become dependent on handouts from people and forget how to find their own food.

This pic was rather dark as I took it later in the day.  I used my Picaso photo management software to lighten it up to see it much better.  A deer just strolled in the park about 20 feet from my campsite.  I assume he (or she) was looking for food.  I saw many deer throughout my stay at Eagle Lake.  They were everywhere.

I stayed at Eagle Lake for three nights.  I like staying for three nights at each park.  I see some people who only stay one night and then move on.  Maybe it is because Eagle Lake only offered the discount for one night or maybe they are just in a hurry to get on down the road.  I am very lucky that I don’t have a schedule to adhere to and can usually stay in a place longer.  It gives you a chance to check things out.  The only schedule I have to worry about is being in Springfield, OR (right outside of Eugene, OR) on 9/2 to have my solar system installed and being in Albuquerque, NM on 9/30 – 10/10 for the Balloon Fiesta.

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