annie creek trail – crater lake

While I was at Crater Lake I decided to take a nice hike.  There were a lot of choices anywhere from short easy hikes to long and/or steep strenuous hikes.  I decided to stay in the middle and chose a moderate hike.  It was almost 2 miles but it did have some elevation gain.  This hike was called Annie Creek.  What a trip.  It started out at the amphitheater.

You can look way done and barely see the creek.

Getting closer to the creek but still a ways to go.

Finally arrived at the bottom.  From here you follow the creek for about a mile.  It is really beautiful and peaceful here.

This is a small bridge that crosses the creek.  There were several of these along the trail.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  It is impossible to put into words the beauty I saw.

Occasionally I would see small waterfalls like this one.

There were also a million wild flowers of many different colors.

The hike took me back to the amphitheater, which was just a short walk back to my campsite.

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