crooked river ranch, oregon

I was thinking of stopping in Bend, OR, where I had been several years ago while visiting friends and skiing Mount Bachelor.  But once I got there I changed my mind and decided to head on up to a place called Crooked River Ranch, OR.  It is just north of Remond which is north of Bend.  Before I left Bend I did stop at the Walmart there to stock up on some much needed food supplies.

Crooked River Ranch is really a little town out in nowhere.  They do have a very nice golf course that was right next to the campgrounds where I was staying.  Supposedly it has a very famous hole #5, where the green is right on the edge of a 250 foot cliff.  I wasn’t able to see it though.

I stayed at the River Rim RV Park which was also a Passport America park.  Most of the PA parks will only give you a discount for the first day.  She gave me a discount for 3 days so not too shabby.  So it only cost me $39 for 3 days instead of the normal $78.

Here are a few pics taken right from my campsite.

I like where they say with one sign “DANGER UNSTABLE” and with the next sign “Pet Exercise Area”.  They don’t want anyone going near the edge of the cliff, but they don’t mind letting your pets loose there.

It looks from the pics as if it is just a big plateau, but what you can’t see is the cliff at the end of the trees.  It drops almost straight off to a canyon about 250 deep that was carved out by the Crooked River.  It is really weird.  By the way I got brave and stood at the edge of the unstable cliff in order to allow you to enjoy the scenery as I did.

I wanted to hike down to the river but decided against it after talking to one of the permanent residents of the park.  No one to yell help to if I got in a jam and lots of ticks.

This was the sunset I saw from my campsite.  It really was a neat area.

Prior to staying here I had my mind set on the Bend area, but was sure happy I continued on.  I had no idea any of this landscape would be like it is.  This is the high desert of Oregon.

3 thoughts on “crooked river ranch, oregon

  1. Georgeous. I am sweating away with upgrades and you are sweating away enjoying life. What’s wrong with that picture? Soon, I tell myself. Yes, lovely sunset.

    • Don’t worry you will be there before long. Glad you enjoyed the sunset. There will be more brilliant sunsets coming later.

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