metolius river, OR – What a find !!!

After leaving the Crooked River Ranch area I wasn’t sure where to go next.  I had 10 days to go to be in Springfield for my solar panel system install, so I wanted to start getting closer to Springfield, OR.  But I was only about 150 miles away and hoped I could find a National Park or National Forest to check out.  I drove to the Deschutes National Forest ranger station in Sisters, OR and asked the very friendly ranger where she would go if she had a choice right now.  Her reply was the Metolius River.  She gave me a map, instructions on how to get there and circled the campground she recommended.  I was off.

I went past several campgrounds and then decided to turn into one that I thought was the one she had specified.  The campground was entirely full and nothing available.  I then tried the next campground up the road from there.  It had several sites that were available and not previously reserved.  I pulled into the campsite below and registered to stay for 4 nights.

This is the view from my campsite facing the Metolius River.  It was only about a hundred feet away.

The river had a very fast current and was crystal clear.  I could see to the bottom almost out to the middle of the river.  There were a few trees that had fallen into the river here and there.  Many spots it had small falls and rapids.

This was a beautiful place and I was very happy I checked with the ranger.  As it turned out the campground she circled on the map was the very campground I settled into.    By the way the name of the campgrounds was Pioneer Ford.  What a find !!!!!

2 thoughts on “metolius river, OR – What a find !!!

  1. You sweet talkin guy. I am certain the female ranger was taken by your charm and wanted to be sure she served your needs correctly. The river is beautiful.

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