Metolius river – fish hatchery

The second day I was at Pioneer Ford campground I needed to go into the very small town of Camp Sherman about 8 miles away to check out the post office.  I was going to be in the area for several days so I needed to have my sister send me all the mail that had accumulated.  I find a post office in a very small town and see sends my mail to me addressed to General Delivery.  This works out great.

On the way back from Camp Sherman I decided to check out the fish hatchery.  It is in a beautiful setting.

This is looking upstream while standing on the bridge.  The water is so clear.

This is another view looking downstream.

These are the round tanks that hold the baby fish before they are able to survive in the larger tanks.

Here are some of the larger rectangular tanks that store the older fish.

Finally they end up in this beautiful pond.  It is just teeming with fish both large and small.

This is about the largest fish I saw.  I sure would like to find it on the end of my line someday.

You can purchase fish food pellets that you can feed to the fish.  They start to swarm around when you throw them in the water.  They really go crazy.

This is a tank with smaller fish.  Most of the tanks were not full since I think they release many of them in the springtime.

I really enjoyed my visit to the fish hatchery.  It was entertaining as well as educational.  I would highly recommend a visit to a fish hatchery whenever you get a chance.

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