hiking on the metolius river

Probably one of the things I enjoy the most about the RV lifestyle is the fun of going on hikes.  I have tried to hike each day for a mile or so and many times further.  Lately there have been much longer hikes such as the one I took while camped on the Metolius River.  It started out that I was just going a mile or two, but I just kept going and eventually hiked 6 miles.  It was a blast !!!

Here I am at the start of the trail.  It was a 2 3/4 mile hike to the fish hatchery, cross the river and then 3 miles on the other side of the river to the lower bridge.  Then cross the lower bridge and 1/4 mile to my Pioneer Ford campsite.

This is a small bridge near the fish hatchery where I believe they release the fish to the river.

I ran into this beautiful home while trudging my way on the opposite side of the river from my campsite.  As you can see it has all the upgraded modern facilities you will ever find in any home in the area.  It especially had a fantastic air conditioning system.

After seeing the “Private Property” sign I was almost afraid to go near it in case the owner pulled a shotgun out on me.  Luckily no one was home so I kept on down the trail.

Everywhere you looked you saw brightly colored flowers.

About half way to the lower bridge I saw a few homes on private property.  They are very isolated but had beautiful views of the river.

Then I ran into Tom who was busy fly fishing.  I asked him if he had caught anything but stated he had just started.  Even his trusty dog was into catching a fish.  You can’t believe how cold that water is.

Then I seemed to have run into the end of the trail.  I went back and followed it but it came to this same spot.  I practically had to forge my way through the dense undergrowth.  I even got into a swampy area where it was very wet and mushy.  Then all of a sudden the trail appeared once again.  It had me worried since I didn’t want to backtrack the trail I just came on to get by to my campsite.

Then all of a sudden I saw this beautiful Lazy Daze RV on the other side of the river.  By gosh it was “The Breeze”!!  Should I swim over to it.  No way.  The water was too cold and the current was very strong and I would wind up way down stream.  I decided to finish up my hike to the lower bridge and cross at that point.

Finally at the lower bridge I saw a grandfather, father and son fishing on the bridge.  They had just started and so they had not caught any fish either.

This is the view heading upstream to my Pioneer Ford campsite.  Home is just around the corner.

It was a very invigorating hike and one I really enjoyed.  Tomorrow I will take another hike in the opposite direction.

4 thoughts on “hiking on the metolius river

  1. Hey Dude, you didn’t fish? I’d die if I was there and couldn’t. I moved here for the fishing and there was some type of desease that ran up and down the river and the lake. Fished every evening with Blaze when I first moved here last August.’ hottest time for striper fishing, when the heat hits 110-115,’ Hooked and lost one perhaps 10 or 15 pounder and the rest of the bites and fish I caught were fingerlings perhaps and ounce or two. 30 days of continuous fishing and that’s the entire benefit. If I could move right now, I would. The river is still beautiful but it’s supposed to be for fishing, hunting and water sports. The whole area is city property so the bird hunting is none existant and the fishing has been poor for a few years; wish I had known that when I planned on coming out here as well as the fact that the VA would be delaying my appointments and such in consideration of my pain management issues in order to be able stand or walk on my right foot. It’s been over a year since I was referred to Phoenix, Veteran’s Medical Center and I’m still NOT there yet. I can only say be glad if you never served your country. Hey; not all is negative; Blaze is a beauty and we are both in good health and spirits. You can only deal what you have any chance of controling so you make the best. Let me know how the trip is going and if you are going to make it by the 12th. Missed ZZTop at Harra’s in the little outside amphatheater, tickets started at $45; 38 Special played on the same days. If you can afford the tickets there are some really good names continuously on hand to entertain you. Labor Day Weekend should be cool; there’ll be a fireworks show on the river; at least it’s free. Take care, God bless and drive carefully.
    Willy d. & Blaze

    • Hi Willy D,

      Before I retired I accumulated a lot of points at Lowe’s by taking STUPID surveys. I got enough to get a rod and reel. Dude, I don’t even know how to put line on it. When it comes to fishing I am the world’s worst. I could be next to someone catching good size bass and rainbow trout and never get a thing.

      I really want to learn how to fly fish. I did check it out while I was up there and one shop said you could get a nice fly fishing outfit for around $200. Maybe you can show me the ins and outs of fishing once I get there.

      Sorry to hear about all the problems with the VA. What a hassle. Maybe you should write your congressman. HA HA !! A lot of good that would do.

      I will be staying in Eugene, OR 2 extra days since I got a better rate for a week. So I probably won’t get to your place until the 14th. It will be a long drive from OR to AZ and many of the places I will only be staying overnight and then traveling the next day.

      Looking forward to seeing you and Blaze,


  2. Nice Hike almost 7 years after you did it. I will definitely take note of your recomendation to visit this area. I may be out in Oregon in the fall…not by RV but by plane from Boston to visit a friend of mine in Lincoln City. If I can get him away from his day job I might be able to see some of these areas.

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