Moving on to camp sherman

After spending 4 days in Pioneer Ford campground I needed to empty my tanks and take on some water, so I moved 8 miles down the road to the Black Butte RV Park where they had full hookups.  I registered for 2 days here.  Mick and Betty were the camp hosts and I had some long conversations with Mick concerning a possible host job next year.

I was first told about them by Joanne and Tom who were the camp hosts at the Pioneer Ford campground.  After hiking one day I went down and was talking with Joanne about what a beautiful spot they were hosting at.  It seems that Tom and Joanne have been hosting at that campground for 8 years.  They live in Palm Desert, CA in the winter and host from May through September.  What a job !!!  Anyway they told me to look up Mick and Betty.

While at Black Butte I saw a small vintage trailer pulled in and a lady got out.  Then another one and two more, and pretty soon almost the whole campground was filled with these small vintage trailers being pulled by solo woman.  It turns out they were all members of a group call “Sisters on the Fly”.  They had gotten together for a weekend retreat.

The lady next to me was trying to hook up to the electrical but the socket was defective and didn’t work.  I offered to let her hook up to my system since I have a outside socket.  She was able to get electricity until the campgrounds fixed their socket.  This is a picture of her trailer.  They were really cute and she had a lot of old vintage accessories set up outside of it.

This was the lady on the other side of me.  Her trailer wasn’t vintage but a newer more modern one.  They were all very nice.

This pic shows a few more.  They were all having a blast as they made lots of noise in the evening around their campfire.

Most of them left on Sunday the same day I also left.  I wanted to check out the National Forest that was only about 90 miles from Camp Sherman.  I really enjoyed my stay in this area of Oregon and will definitely be back to enjoy it again.

3 thoughts on “Moving on to camp sherman

    • Not sure what campground. I just filled out the application today. It could also be a campground in Washington. Wherever they need help.

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