Solar Panels at last

After leaving Paradise campground I headed straight for Springfield, OR where I was to have my solar panels hooked up.  I had made reservations to have them install the solar panels and controller on Sep. 2.  They told me that I could stay at there facility the night of the 1st so the rig would be ready to go first thing in the morning.

This is where I parked on the 1st.  They gave me an electrical hookup and I set my alarm because I didn’t want to miss a thing.

They were there earlier in the morning and they went over each and every step they would take to install all the solar equipment.  They were very professional and answered all my questions.  They were going to install both solar panels on one side so that when I parked I would have full view of the sun and not blocked out by other roof appliances such as air conditioner, vents, etc.  Also being installed was a controller that is used to control the electricity from the solar panels to the house batteries.  I also wanted an inverter that would change the 12v from the batteries to 120v so I can use my computer, TV, printer, etc.  This system will enable me to always have both 12v and 120 v electricity even when not hooked up

Her is a pic showing one of the installers working on the panels on the roof.

I asked them to set up my panels so I could tilt them in the winter when the sun wasn’t up as much.  The following is a picture showing the panels tilted.

It took 2 installers a total of 9 hours to completely hook up the system and test it thoroughly.  While they were working on it I worked on my computer and read many of their very interesting RV and travel books in their library.  Then they came and got me and we both went over the entire system and they showed me how it worked.  I was sooo happy.  It took a lot of driving miles and time to get up to Springfield to get this done, but it has been something I wanted to do for a long time.  Now I can go into the National Parks with no hookups and have all kinds of electricity.

2 thoughts on “Solar Panels at last

    • Hi Dirk,

      Yes please send me your pics. I hope it wasn’t raining when you were there. I had several days where it rained all day.


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