what the heck – hoover dam

While on my way to Bill’s house I drove through Las Vegas on a Monday about noon.  I was making good time.  My maps had me right on schedule.  Then guess what.  The Hoover Dam.  What the heck.  It took me completely by surprise.  The map didn’t really mention it.  But before I settled on this route I changed it from the route the map software had suggested.  They had me going back through California and then to Arizona.  I decided to stay on Route 95 almost all the way to Bullhead City.

Well I got through Vegas and Henderson and then started seeing all kinds of signs for Hoover Dam.  Before I knew it I had to stop at an inspection station where they had to check all the compartments in my rig as well as check out the inside.  I passed with flying colors and the next thing I knew I was crossing the Hoover Dam.  What a trip.  I wanted to get out and walk across the dam as many others were doing, but couldn’t find a decent place to park the RV close by.  So I managed to take the pics while I was driving.

Then next 2 pics are of the new bridge that will be utilized in carrying traffic over the bridge.  I understand it will be for trucks, buses and possibly RVs.

Here I am crossing the dam.

This is the sign welcoming me to Arizona.

The next few pics were after I crossed the dam and was able to find a spot to pull off and take these.  I do wish I could have stopped here but it was rather steep and I felt uncomfortable leaving my rig here even though it would have been just fine.

Then back on the straight desert road with a little scenery to boot.

It turned out to be an exciting day and I can’t wait to go back and really take a tour of the dam.

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