Visiting willie and blaze

I must apologize for the lack of pics from 9/13 to 9/22.  After traveling through Nevada, I stopped in Bullhead City, AZ to see my friend Willie and his wonderful dog Blaze.  I had a wonderful time but it seems as though my camera went into semi-retirement.  I stupidly forgot to take any pics at all.  I have no excuse for my blunder except to say I friggin’ forgot it and never took it out of it’s case in my rig.

I took this pic off of Willie’s facebook page.

Willie designed and built this beautiful Harley himself.  He is also a licensed Harley Davidson mechanic and has all the equipment needed to work on motorcycles.  So if you own a bike and need a good mechanic he is the guy.

His dog Blaze is a real beauty.  It is a pedigree Gordon Setter and is a real friendly dog.  She loves to lick people.  She would give you a bath with licks if you let her.  She also loves to run and chase quail.  While I was there Willie and I took Blaze out in a field and let her run.  She never stops.  She was running from bush to bush out in the open desert trying to find quail or doves.  This went on for at least a half hour and she never showed any sign of letting up.  I asked Willie to please accept my apology for my forgetfulness so he was kind enough to furnish a few pics of Blaze.

This next pic was when Blaze was a puppy and living with Willie and a boxer who belonged to Willie’s roommate.   Every time that Willie fed Blaze the boxer was right there to gobble it up instead.

When I first got there the temperature was 114 degrees.  Talk about HOT!!  It did cool down later in the week to about 105-110 degrees but I couldn’t tell.  I did get used to the heat somewhat but it was still too hot for me in the direct sun.  Needless to say we stayed indoors most of the day.

On Saturday we went to a free outdoor concert at the AVI casino.  They had a buffet dinner (not free) which was very good and a bar set up outside.  It was right on the river and really nice.  The music was blues which is one of my favorite types of music.  These guys really cranked.  It was a blast.  Of course before heading home we hit a couple of slot machines to see how lucky we were.  Well we didn’t hit the jackpot as expected, but it was fun anyways.  We also watched a few people who seemed to be doing quite well at the crap table.  I wish I knew how to play that game.  Probably a good thing I don’t.

Willie helped me a lot in making some repairs to my rig.  A mirror bracket had come loose and needed to be fastened.  I changed my wiper blades as they were pretty worn out.  He also told me how I could polish my front headlights.  They were very yellow and not clear at all.

The really nice thing was that he let me park my rig in front of his home.  This avoided having to spend $20-35 per night in a RV park.  Willie also had quite a collection of movie DVD’s, which I was able to transfer onto “My Book”.  It is a huge hard drive (1 terabyte or 1000G).  I can put about 300-350 full length movies on it to watch whenever I feel like it.  I have about 25 movies now.  I love this system.

I really enjoyed my stay with Willie.  He and Blaze are very gracious hosts.  We got caught up on many things since we hadn’t see each other for many years.  He also extended an invite to me that whenever I am passing through I have a standing invitation to stay at his home.  That is a great friend.  Next time I will be sure to take a lot of pics to make up for my blunder this visit.

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