meteor crater

The day I left Meteor Crater RV Park I planned to visit the Meteor Crater.  It is about 6 miles off of I40 just past the park.  I drove to the visitor center where they had a movie depicting how the crater was formed.  When it was first discovered they thought it had been formed by a volcano.  Later scientists discovered minerals that are not found anywhere else in the area and realized it was caused by a meteorite.  Supposedly this occurred about 50,000 years ago.

When my family moved out to California my parents stopped at this crater and I still remember seeing it.  It is awesome.

They have telescopes that focus on different areas of the crater.  It is very interesting.  There is also a replica of an astronaut that is 6 ft tall next to an American flag.  You can’t even see it in this picture unless you click twice to zoom in on it.

This shows the rim of the crater.  Supposedly the meteorite was 150 across but it was traveling so fast that it created this giant hole.

Finally a picture of the parking lot with “The Breeze” patiently waiting for his master “The Dooda Man”.  In case your thinking I am going nuts the dooda man came from Grateful Dead song “Truckin”, which I like to play on the radio while driving.

And for your entertainment pleasure today I present an OLD Grateful Dead recording of Truckin where they talk about the Dooda Man.

Yes, what a long strange trip it has been.  And it has only started !!  Amen Grateful Dead !!!

1 thought on “meteor crater

  1. Really cool Jim; I forgot all about Walnut canyon! You discovered it just like I did the first time I was down there. What a cool place to live, ‘if you could guarantee wome water for the women to wash their hair in, huh, Big chunk of rock must have hit to make the crater and you got some really good shots of it. Never saw it myself when I lived their for three years; didn’t even see the grand canyon, tells you how much of a tourist I was; work up there was unreal; I think most of the time I spent up there I had at least three different jobs going at all times. Work so much to survive in a right to work state; it’s all you end up doing working to survive; Only employers and company owners benefit from a state that allows you to pay whatever workers will accept/ In Bullhead I watched employers pay alcoholics a bottle of cheap $3 wine for an eight hour day! Beautiful State if you are an employer or work for IT!the State that is……..

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