the painted desert

I stayed at a campground in Sun Valley, AZ, which I used to travel to see the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest.  It was only about 20 miles away.  The Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest are very close together and you drive a very long road through both of them.  I started with the Painted Desert.  One thing you notice is how barren it is.  There are many turnoffs throughout where you can pull over and get a much closer look.  I will not go into any detail of each pic, but just let you take a look for yourself.

I also took a video of one portion of this wonderful National Park

Here are a couple of pictures of “The Breeze” taking a breather at one of the turnoffs.

When you leave the Painted Desert you pass a memorial to Route 66.  The highway passed right through this spot and followed the telephones.  You can still drive many portions of Route 66, but there are also many spots that are no longer there.

The Painted Desert was very beautiful.  It had all kinds of color, but was very barren except for a few plants here and there.

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