Albuquerque, nm – old town and balloon museum

The RV park offered a round-trip bus trip from the park to Old Town Albuquerque for only $5.  What a deal !!  The bus driver was very informative about various sites in Albuquerque.  Old Town was very nice.  It had a central park where a mariachi band was playing.  The shops all around the park were loaded with a lot of your typical tourist stuff, however several stores contained a lot of neat artwork including paintings, pottery, and local artisan’s wares.

The best thing was that I was able to get through the afternoon without spending much.  I bought a nice card to send to my Mom and a wine stopper.

The next Thing I did was go to the Balloon Museum.  That was really a neat place.  It contained numerous exhibits on all types of balloons.  There was a guide who went through each exhibit and gave you detailed information.  She was really great!

They even had the balloon that circled the globe pictured below.

This one also circled the globe but it was  a much lower and circled around Australia.

They also had many older balloons as well.

It was a very neat place.  This is something you should not miss if traveling through Albuquerque.

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