balloon fiesta glowdeo

Each night if the weather cooperated (wind speed had to be less then 9-10 mph) the balloons would be blown  and tethered to the ground and then they would do bursts of propane to light them up.  The announcer would say 5..4..3..2..1 and all the balloonists would fire them up all at once.  What a site that was!



The balloon fiesta lasted 10 days.  I didn’t know anyone when I first drove into the park but I certainly left knowing I will have many new friendships that will last for many, many years to come.  We all went our different ways and at different times but it was hugs and handshakes all around.  I know I will be seeing many of my new friends in new places down the road.  I have already planned on meeting them back at the 2011 Balloon Fiesta

1 thought on “balloon fiesta glowdeo

  1. Jim, great photos! I never noticed you with a camera, you must be a stealth photographer!!! It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope we meet again one of these days.

    Jerry & Gidget

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