Saguaro Chapter 21 Escapees Rally

From Albuquerque I traveled south and spent one night at the Elephant Butte State Park.  It is one of the parks that was highly suggested by my new friends I met in Albuquerque.  I was joined there by four other Lazy Daze rigs.  This is the sunrise I saw the next morning.

Sunrise on Elephant Butte Lake

As much as I would like to stay here longer, I made plans to meet an Escapees group at the Pancho Villa State Park.  They are having a rally from 10/11 – 10/14 and I thought it would give me an opportunity to meet new people.  They are the Saguaro SKP’s Chapter 21 from Saguaro, AZ.  I had a really good time with them and met a lot of really nice people.  One night they had a band in to play and it was fun.

The next day we all went over to “The Pink Store” in Las Palomas, Mexico for lunch.

I took a video of the group having lunch.  It sounds like there was a whole mariachi band playing, but it was only one guy.

I haven’t seen a sign like this for a long time.

The time with the Saguaro Chapter 21 SKP’s didn’t last too long but it was fun none the less.  They are located in Benson, AZ and I’m sure I will run into some of them down the road.

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