columbus, nm

While staying at Pancho Villa State Park waiting for dental and optical appointments I decided to check out Columbus.  It is a very small town and very spread out.  I got out my hiking shoes and checked out the Historical Museum directly across from the campgrounds.

While there I met Jack and Paul who were the museums coordinators.  They were very interesting guys who gave me many tips on where to travel in the immediate area and where to eat in the town.

This clock was hit by a bullet during the Pancho Villa raid.  It stopped at 4:12am and never worked since.

One side of the museum was devoted to the Pancho Villa artifacts such as the clock while the other side was devoted to Columbus history.  They had many guns and other artifacts dating back to the1800’s.  This is an old desk just as you would see it in it’s day.

I’m not sure I would want to cook on this stove.

Outside they had a lot of railroad equipment from the early days.

This was the old Columbus Jail.  I would hate to be in it during the hot summer months.

An old fire engine.


An old Columbus hotel.

And finally the court house.  I am not sure if it is still in use.

I was invited by Paul, who I met at the Historical Museum to come to the town hall where he works and he would should me around there.  Supposedly there is a lot of local art works on display there.  I will probably do that later in the week.

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