rockhound state park

After getting my glasses and completing my dental work, it was time move on.  My next stop was only 21 miles away thus saving money on gas.  Rockhound State Park is just 12 miles south of Deming, NM.  I planned on staying here through the end of the month (6 days).  Then I could travel into Deming where I could stock up on supplies.

Rockhound State Park is located against the Florida mountain range.  It is so named because it is a rockhound’s delight.  You can collect and take home 15 lbs of rocks per person.  There very modern visitor’s center has a very nice display of all the rocks located in the area.  The rocks range from thundereggs, geodes, quartz, and many different colors of jasper.  I am not a rock collector, but before I left I did look for and find many interesting smaller rocks which I was able to identify (with the help of the ladies in the visitors center).

Almost the entire time I was here the wind blew in huge gusts(35+ mph).  I could feel the RV rocking all night and most of the day.  My 2nd day there I went on a hike of the Thunderegg Trail.  It goes about half way up the mountain side(about 200 feet or so).  These are some pics I took from the trail.


On the next day I got a call from my friend Jack that I met in Columbus.  He was going to be staying there a couple of days and wanted to do some hiking.  So we met up and hiked about 3/4 of the way up the mountain.  The closer you get to the top the steeper it gets and it becomes very slick due to the gravel.  Coming down was even more difficult because it was slick but also because you had to avoid the large catus on either side of the trail.


This is my friend Jack and his dog.  We both grew up in Michigan and he is also a fulltime RV’er.  He is the camp host at the Columbus Historical Museum.

Jack found this rattlesnake laying in the road.  It had been run over and was dead.  He picked it up with his hiking stick and we took it to the camp ranger who disposed of it.

I took the following sunset pics from my campsite.  I was treated to these beautiful sunsets each day I was there.


I really enjoyed my stay at Rockhound and would highly recommend staying there for anyone in the general.


3 thoughts on “rockhound state park

  1. Jim
    I once came across a 7 ft diamondback , like the one you found, wile I was mountain biking. I missed the snaked and broke my wrist. The small ones sound like air coming out of a tire, The larger ones rattle, carry a walking stick to keep them away from you as they strike at the closest thing. The walking stick is one of the ten essentials when you go hiking. Great pic’s.

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