From one Lowe’s to another low’s

After Rockhound SP I drove about 12 miles to the town of Deming, NM where I was able to stock up at the local Walmart Super Center.  Then I promised my friend Jack that I would meet him at the LowHi RV Ranch.  Every Monday evening they have a potluck dinner for all the occupants of the park.  Being the great cook I am I picked up a pumpkin pie and whipped cream to bring to the potluck.

The LowHi RV Ranch is the International headquarters for LOW’s (Loners on wheels).  It is made up of all single people.  There rule is that as long as you are single you can be a member, but once you get married, they boot you out of the club.  Well I guess I won’t have any problem staying a member in this club.

The potluck was great and I met a lot of fun people and we all discussed where we had been and where we are going.  Afterward we had a rousing card game that was great fun.

A lot of the people here stay for months on end.  However I will be leaving tomorrow to head over to the Cit of Rocks State Park.

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