city of rocks state park

The City of Rocks State Park is about 37 miles north of Deming, NM.  I had received many recommendations to stay there by people I met in my travels.  That was enough for me.  I had to check it out.  Since I have my New Mexico Annual Pass I could either park in a hook-up site (electric and water) for $4 per night or park in a non hook-up site for $0.  Guess what I chose?  I have solar panels so electricity is not a problem and I filled up with water.

This is my site.  They do provide you with a fire pit, picnic table and garbage can.

This is the view out my window.

One thing that I especially liked about this park is that there was not the high winds I experienced at Rockhound SP.  It was very nice.  I took a hike the 2nd day and really got some great views of the rocks.  They are like a maze and you can easily get lost in them.

I went on several hikes about the park.. There is one hike about 4 miles that takes you completely around the park, which is really nice.  Here I am looking back at my campsite.  You can barely see  “The Breeze”.  If you click on the pic twice you can see it.

This is a pic looking in the opposite direction.  Pretty desolate.

This next pic is way off in the distance looking back at the entire City of Rocks.

I climbed up to a lookout point where I could even get a better view.

I must mention that I met up with John Sullivan there who I had met at Rockhound SP.  I was hiking at Rockhound and he kept yelling at me from the top of his RV.  I went over and his ladder had been blown by the wind and he couldn’t get down.  I helped him with his ladder.

Then when I drove to City of Rocks I parked directly across from him not even knowing it.  He is really a great person and we had many long talks together as well as a few hikes.  We also went to a Star Party at the campgrounds, where they had a huge telescope to watch the stars with.  The night sky at City of Rocks was fabulous.  There was no moon and the stars were every.

I will conclude with a sunset I took from my RV.  Not bad eh?

2 thoughts on “city of rocks state park

  1. Not bad at all! The rock areas were lovely. Reminded me a bit of Sedona. Yes, a beautiful sunset!
    I would write more, but only one of us is retired.

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