caballo lake state park

After Percha Dam I traveled about 7 miles to my next destination which was Caballo Lake State Park.  I was almost out of propane so I stopped to get some.  I pulled up to the propane tank at this general store and I heard this guy yelling from across the street “I’ll be right there”.  I didn’t know if he was yelling at me since he was on horseback.  Then he closes the gate and he rode his horse over to fill up my propane tank.  With him were 2 goats as well.  I didn’t have my camera handy in time to get the goats but I later to this pic of him near the filling station.

Be sure to click and then click again to enlarge all photos.

Once I arrived at the park I found a super good site, where I would get lots of sun on my solar panels.  I got parked and all set up and then I had a couple of visitors that were trimming the lawn.

This pic was taken out my rear window.  They seemed very tame but not sure.  After talking with a lady who had been there previously she said that the horses come from the BLM land which is right across from the river.  In the summer when they close the dam she said that cows come over as well.  You’ve got to love New Mexico!

The 2nd day here I took a hike along the river and got these pics.

I was able to catch a flock of sand hill cranes flying over right at susnset.

The following day was really windy.  Didn’t get out much that day but did get in some good reading.  Then on the next day I was able to do some mor hiking.  This is a pic of one end of the lake and the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land in the background.  There were a few campers on the BLM land.  Next year I plan to explore the BLM areas in New Mexico. BLM land is owned by the Federal Government and anyone is allowed to camp on it.  The only thing is that there are no facilities.  You are out there on you own.

Finally on my way back I spotted this bird that was looking for food.

It found a fish in the river and was making a dive bomb to catch it.  It did catch it but I wasn’t able to get the shot off in enough time.

You have got to love New Mexico.  It is a GREAT state.

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