Stopping in Bullhead City, AZ

I promised my family I would be in SO CA for the holidays.  On the way I stopped at Willy’s a very good friend and relative (my brother-in-law’s twin brother).  I was there a few days before heading to Orange County.  Willy has a lot of neat stuff and one that he showed me how to use was his welder.  This is Willy demonstrating the proper use of a welder.

Now he let me try my hand at it.  Believe me it is not very easy, but I got the hang of it.  However I am by no means a professional welder.

When I pulled up to his home I saw his beautiful dog Blaze running in the front yard.  Blaze knew me from the time I visited them in September and she was very happy to see me.

Just before I took off I got this pic of Willy and Blaze.  They were both very gracious host and hostess and I really had a great time visiting with them.  By the way Willy is really a great cook.

His neighbor Ed gave me some great directions to get from Bullhead City to Laguna Niguel.  I avoided a lot of traffic on the old Route 66.  The speed limit was 55 mph but I stopped in the middle of the road to take this pic.  There was absolutely no traffic going my way and only about a dozen cars going in the opposite direction.

1 thought on “Stopping in Bullhead City, AZ

  1. What’s with the Willey spelling; it’s Willy and then Wiley,’like the coyote.’ You look like the pro welder we all know you are.
    Hang tuff Brother

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