Colossal Cave Mountain Park

I wanted to camp in the Saguaro National Park, but they didn’t offer any campgrounds nearby.  They suggested I drive about 10 miles to the Colossal Cave Mountain Park.  They offered dry camping only for $10 per night.  They had a “one night only” policy but after spending one night I asked and was granted a second night.  I had a real problem trying to get level, but located a dried out wash near a camp table and was able to park there and was level.  Two other RV’s came in after me and also had a difficult time getting level.

Be sure to click and then click again to enlarge all photos.

Here is a pick of my campsite.  I was lucky to get just about the only level spot in this area.

This was my view directly across the road.

I took a walk to see if I could get an extension for one more night.  On the way as I was walking down the road I happened to look over and I saw a bull with his harem.  I then realized that there was no fence between me the steers.  They were pretty cool though and I didn’t get too freaked out even though that bull didn’t look too friendly.

After breaking camp I decided to check out the Colossal Cave.  It was up a steep and winding one way road.  For $11 I was able to get onto the next tour.  This cave is very different then the Kartchner Cavern.  For one thing it is not a “living cave”.  There are at least 5 entrances to the cave and it allows too much air into the cave.  There was no evidence of any water whatsoever as was seen in the Kartchner Cavern.  They even allowed cameras in so I was able to get lots of pics.

The cave was still very interesting.  For $55 they would take you on a private tour which would get you deeper into the cave.  They would also  supply all the gear needed for such a tour like helmet, lights, etc.  I would have loved to do that except for the cost.  I did see some of the people who were going on private tours and they were in some rather precarious spots.

Aside for the difficulty in leveling my RV I really did enjoy my stay at the Colossal Cave Mountain Park.  Everyone I came in contact with was very friendly and helpful.

1 thought on “Colossal Cave Mountain Park

  1. OK, so only a guy would look at a bull with cows and think of it as a harem. I won’t even tell you what the shape of the beautiful cave brought to mind! Loved the cave pictures.

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