picacho peak state park

From Yuma I traveled east on I-8 to I-10 to the Picacho Peak State Park.  Here are a couple of pics of Picacho Peak and my campsite.

A couple of weeks ago while traveling to the Lazy Daze SW Rally I noticed a sign at the Picacho Peak SP that they had scheduled a Civil War Re-enactment to take place at the campgrounds on Mar 12-13.  Fortunately I was able to get here right after the Gypsy Gathering Rally.  Luckily the campground wasn’t completely full and I was able to get a site for 3 days.  Saturday I was able to go to the first re-enactment which started at 10.:00am.  What a show !!!!!  It was the first time I had ever seen anything like this.  The men were dressed in their military garb from the Civil War.  It was very hot here (about 85 degrees) and the uniforms were made of very thick cotton.  They must have really been hot.

Here is a pic of the North getting ready to fire their cannons.

Plus a pic of the South ready to return fire.

FIRE !!!

The grandstand where everyone would pull up a rock and watch from the side of the hill.

The North is ready to stand their ground.

The South again firing their cannons.

This is where both sides made their camps.  Everything was just as it was during the Civil War.

They even had a “Traveling Theatrical Troupe”.

And a seamstress.

Plus a guy playing his harmonica for donations to cover the cost of his ammunition.  Each of the soldiers had to provide their own ammunition and paid for all their own expenses.  They had a lot of money invested in uniforms, guns, cannons, and ammunition.

I made a short video of the Battle of Valverde.  The South actually won this battle even after suffering major fatalities.  It was really cool !!!!!

I was really lucky to be able to camp at Picacho Peak State Park considering the major event that was planned for the weekend.  I had a good time watching the re-enactment and walking threw the Civil War camps.  This campground is a great spot to put on your Bucket List as you are traveling threw Arizona.

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