tombstone, az

On my route to Bisbee, AZ I passed Tombstone.  I was told it was very commercialized but I decided to see for myself.  It was just like Knott’s Berry Farm in CA.  There were many interesting shops but most carried the usual stuff.

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This is the main street of Tombstone.  It looked just like something out of all the western movies I saw and loved  as a kid.

The only mode of transportation on this street is the stagecoach or horses.

Here is the Longhorn Restaurant.  Of course in the days of Wyatt Earp it may have been know as the Longhorn Saloon.

This guy was playing real bones.  Don’t know if they were animal or human, but he was pretty good.  He was also a pretty colorful guy.

Then we have the cowboys.  I bet those varmints were up to no good.  Probably planning on a bank or stage coach robbery.  What do you think?

On my way back to my rig I happened upon this house.  It was an historic house that was free to anyone that would move it.  What a deal !!!!

I had originally planned on spending a couple hours in Tombstone but  left after one hour.  Many of the stores sold the same kind of tourist stuff and you had to pay to see anything like the shootout at the OK Corral.  I think it would have been fun, but I will stick with my childhood memory on that one.

1 thought on “tombstone, az

  1. I liked your comment on sticking with your childhood memory. Take care! Especially climbing up the ladder on your rig. Randy and I talked about that too! I AM PAYING ATTENTION YOUNG MAN!

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