Belle Starr’s Silverado Ranch

On advice from my friends Ed and Carol, I dropped in at Belle Starr’s Silverado Ranch for a few days.  She has a 40 acre ranch located only 10 miles from Bisbee with lots of mules, horses, chickens, geese, roosters, a peacock and lots of historic buildings.  She offered free dry camping if you were willing to help around the ranch.

Be sure to click and then click again to enlarge all photos.

I pulled in and told Belle that I was there to work and let me know what she needed done.  I started off by removing about 100′ of chicken wire from the top of her fence in the front of the yard.  While doing that I felt a slight nudge and turned around and the miniature mules were all around me.

I finished that project the first day I was there.  The next day Peter and Bea arrived and camped near me.  Peter is a carpenter which Belle needed badly.  The same day Chuck and LeaRae arrived.  Peter Chuck and myself worked on a old house where the roof was sagging.  Here is a pic of Chuck and Peter carrying wood to prop up the roof.  This pic was taken by LeaRea, Chuck’s wife.  You can also see their blog here.  You can see that the roof was sagging on the left front corner.

It took 2 days to complete that project but it came out looking pretty good.  In the meantime Merrill had been rebuilding a mail box and both he and I had to move a Clydesdale horse from its corral where it was all by itself to the corral with the miniature mules.  We had to move the fencing all around and Merrill moved the horse.  It was huge but he said he had grown up on a ranch and he knew what he was doing.  I was glad he moved it and not me.  That was a really big horse.

Chuck, LeaRae and I moved the baby chicks and the mother hen from Belle’s back porch to a pen where they would be safe from any hawks that might want to have them for lunch.

Here is some pics of the birds, chickens, roosters, and geese Belle has adopted.

There is a house on Belle’s property that is modeled just like the house the “Original Belle Starr” lived in back in the 1800’s.  The pics didn’t come out great but you can get the idea.

Later that evening we all got together with Belle and had a potluck.  It was a great time and we all shared a lot of good information about places we had been and things we’ve seen.

I left the next day but told Belle that I will be back sometime after the 1st of April.  I have to be in Benson to be initiated into the Elks club so I will fit it into my schedule to visit and work a few more days.  You get a lot of satisfaction when working for someone like Belle and it is great fun too.

5 thoughts on “Belle Starr’s Silverado Ranch

  1. Somehow I can’t picture you as a ranch hand? I will call one of these days. Take care. I am sooooo glad you are enjoying life! (not to mention I am envious)

  2. Well good for you, Jim. Our visit with Belle was one of the highlights of our trip to AZ.
    It’s always nice to take a little time to help others.
    Enjoy your wonderful journey.
    Ed Daniels

  3. Oh I want a mini-mule- they are soo cute. This looks like a cool place to stay a bit and also help out. I dont blame you on having someone help with the Clydesdale-and I can still remember you and I riding those horses in Carbon Canyon (i believe it was there) that was so much fun as i recall for me only.

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  5. Yea doggies, Jimbo, what an awesome place to know about, being as how I’m moving to Arizona n’all and will be looking for awesome and worthwhile trips to take with “Cousin Eddy,” my 96 Airstream motor home. I’d be pleased as punch to put in a day’s work in exchange for a place to park! Beats all heck out of most pricey yet creepy-around-the-edges RV “resorts,” let alone a Walmart parking lot. Harvest Hosts sounds like just a ripping organization!

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