low’s (loners on wheels) rally – deming, nm

From Rodeo, NM I drove Hwy 9 to Columbus, NM.  This is a fairly lonely stretch of highway.  Only one car passed me the entire 74 miles and most of the vehicles coming in the opposite direction were Border Patrol.  I also saw Border Patrol stationed at my spots down the highway.

I stopped in Columbus, NM at the Columbus Historical Museum to visit with my old friend Jack who I had met last October.  He was busy showing some people around the museum, but was able to talk for a while.  The people he was showing around the museum were also going to be attending the same LOW’s (Loners On Wheels) Rally as myself so I chatted a bit with them as well.  Jack will be busy working at the museum so will not be able to attend the rally.  However, I do have plans to swing back to Columbus after the rally to catch up with Jack and chat about our adventures since we last saw each other.

After my short visit in Columbus I headed up Hwy 11 to Deming, NM to the Lo-High RV Ranch where the rally was being held.  I decided to get here a day before the rally started in order to get set up in the boondocking area for only $3 per night.  I will be here a week in order to attend the rally and also get my RV serviced.

The next day I signed up for the rally and attended the opening ceremonies.  After that it was “Happy Hour” where we all introduced ourselves and told the group how long we had been in the LOW’s organization (I became a member in 2010).  Some of the group had been members for 20 years.

Here is a pic of the “Happy Hour” and a raffle.  The prizes were donated by area merchants and some of the were very nice.  I won a free large pizza at Domingo’s Pizza.  I will take advantage of that after the rally is over.  The rally also furnishes breakfast and dinner every night.  Not too shabby.

After the rally there was a workshop put on by Steer Safe who are located in Deming.  The build a steering stabilizer for your rig to help keep it going down straight when driving in winds or when 18 wheelers pass you or when you have a blowout.  It is definitely on my Wish List.

Later we all had dinner.  I am in the group that handles tonight’s dinner and Sunday’s breakfast.   We cooked bratwurst and chili and then had ice cream and toppings for dessert.  Our club president brought out a bottle of Sander’s fudge topping for the ice cream.  I introduced myself and she and I had a long conversation all about Detroit, MI where Sander’s was originally located.  It brought back a lot of old memories.  My sister Bev always orders a large bottle of Sander’s fudge topping for all of our family members at Xmas.  I still have some in my rig.  It is soooo gooood!!!

Next was our “mystery entertainment”, which was a local mariachi band from the Deming area.  They played and sang a lot of music and it was great fun.

I also got a short video of the band.

Tomorrow is more rally activities including a tour of the St. Clair Winery which is local to Deming.  It should be fun.

3 thoughts on “low’s (loners on wheels) rally – deming, nm

  1. Sounds like you got more then yours money worth and that is just wonderful. I am a type 1 diabetic and so my treats are far and few. I do like the way your sis thinks though at Christmas time. Enjoyed the pictures and I love it when RV folks put videos on their blog!!

  2. Hi Jim:
    Just read Evielynne’s comment. I could not survive easily if I were a diabetic. Thank you God for keeping me healthy! It’s back to work for me tomorrow.

  3. Yeah Sanders!!! Good stuff!!! Nice little mariachi band – a lot more subdued then the last Rolling Stones concert we went to- Ha!!

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