Winery Tour

I have been very busy with the Rally so I must apologize for not blogging.  The rally is now over so I have no excuses.

A large group in our rally went on a tour of a local winery in Deming known as the St. Clair Winery.  It was very interesting and I got to see all the different processes that go into making that wonderful bottle of wine that I so enjoy.

Be sure to click and then click again to enlarge all photos.

This man is pouring fermented wine into the kegs to be labeled and set aside for aging.

These are the containers used to ferment the wine.

The bottling line.  The orange labels are for the mimosa, which is a combination of fresh orange juice and wine.  I forgot to sample it but was told by others that it was very good.  Great for brunches.

These are the kegs that contain wine for aging.  They are usually left in these kegs for about 1-2 years before being bottled.

After the wine tour we all enjoyed the wine tasting as well.  There was no charge and they also had really great salsa.  After tasting many different wines I purchased a bottle of Cabernet and some salsa as well.  Delicious!!

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