Leasburg dam state park

On Thursday I decided to take a short walk around the park.  Ever since I arrived it has been extremely windy with gusts up to 40mph.  However I was getting cabin fever and needed to get out and see what the park had to offer.

Next to the visitor’s center was a cactus patch garden with signage for many of the plants.  It was very nice.

Across from the visitor’s center there is a huge playground for the kids and further down the path I found this beehive oven used for cooking.

They also had a small amphitheater where the rangers would present talks on various subjects pertaining to the local area.

These next two pics show the magnificent views I had from my rig.

I was even able to find a few flowers still in bloom.

This is a view of the sunset taken out of my camp site.

I am hoping the wind will die down so that I can get out and enjoy my surroundings.  The wind has been blowing at 22 mph ever since I got here with gusts of 40-50 mph.  It blows sand everywhere and does not make for good hiking.  I will see tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Leasburg dam state park

  1. Love the plants – that’s my thing for sure… That stinks about the wind – we are dealing with the same here in Oregon… Seems like one good day and then 3 bad and then back to one good lol… Enjoy and love your view from your campsite…


  2. Thank you for helping me view parts of our wonderful country that I may never see in person. Your comments and pictures are much appreciated. Enjoyed it all, Jimbo!

  3. Hi Jim,
    We really enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with you between GTG’S! We signed up for the Balloon Fiesta yesterday and look forward to seeing you there! Happy Trails!!!!

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