Made it to the saddle of Spring canyon!

Yesterday I attempted to make it to the saddle of Spring Canyon with Jim and Gayle We had made it up to Lover’s Leap rock formation a couple of days ago, which is 1/2 mile.  Getting to the saddle is at least 3/4 of a mile past that point and I will say it is MUCH STEEPER AND VERY SLIPPERY.  This is a pic I took on the first hike to Lover’s Leap showing the saddle.  The pic does not do it justice.  It is much more difficult then it looks.

This is the view from the top looking back towards Spring Canyon and the parking lot.  Couldn’t even see the car.

This is a view from the saddle at the top.  It is looking toward Deming.

This is me at the top with the desert and Deming in the background.

Me looking back to the parking area.  I couldn’t even see the car.

Taken from the trail as we were descending.  Again it looks like a piece of cake.

This was a wonderful hike.  Although I did a great deal of huffing and puffing. to get to the top.  I might not have completed it if I had been by myself, but since I was with Jim and Gayle I couldn’t wimp out.  Glad I did it.

3 thoughts on “Made it to the saddle of Spring canyon!

  1. LOL don’t worry I huffed and puffed with you. I’m sure in person the view was even more wow wow… It will be a couple of days before we can venture out again – I caught the bug ugggg bed for me for the next day or so. So I have to live through you!! Make me proud with your adventures…


  2. Love the legs, Jimbo. Keep the mustache, it looks great. Cmon, you did more hiking in Orange County than that. Did you not?

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