New Mexico Museum of Space History – Alamogordo, NM

I had planned on visiting the White Sands National Monument today but decided against it because of the high winds.  I didn’t feel like getting my RV pelted with white sand.  Instead I decided to battle the winds enough to go to the New Mexico Space Museum.   Since the IMAX theater is right next to it I could get a combo senior ticket for $9 that would cover both.  What a deal !!!

The NM Museum of Space History was four floors crammed with everything that you could possibly think of pertaining to space.  It had actual space suits, models of every known rocket and mock-ups of the different space stations.  Their staff was very friendly and were very knowledgeable.  It was not real busy there, so I had different members of the staff all to myself.

This museum also houses the International Space Hall of Fame with placards spread out throughout the entire four floors.  Some of the members even date back hundreds of years like Galileo.  It also included many of the astronauts and scientists that work on the space program not only in this country but all the other countries involved in space programs.

Be sure to click and then click again to enlarge all photos.

Several pics I took from the third floor showing the John B Strapp Air and Space Park next door to the museum.

They had all sorts of rockets and space paraphernalia that you could get up close to and check out.

This is known as the “Daisy Track” (named after the Daisy Air Rifle).  It was used to study acceleration, deceleration and the impact on the human body. It was used for experimentation during the days of the Mercury and Apollo missions.

The New Mexico Museum of Space History was very interesting and a must see for anyone visiting the Alamogordo, NM area.  Unfortunately I was unable to see the IMAX theater since they had an equipment failure and were still working on it when I left.  I was able to get half of my combo ticket returned, so for the cost of $4.50 I had a very entertaining afternoon.  That was a real bargain!

3 thoughts on “New Mexico Museum of Space History – Alamogordo, NM

  1. Boy the wind is so hooked on you… It’s a bit windy here today. I have to say indoors and crochet for a customer which is always a good thing – but the windows are open and full of Sun light – ALWAYS a good thing…


    Jorge loved your adventure – he’s into the whole space history…

  2. I will never see all that you are seeing and thus it is enjoyable for me to see all your great pictures. Enjoy, my friend!

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